Why Join Dipsy Dip?

At Dipsy Dip, we spend a lot of time focusing on the Consultant Experience. What do we mean by the term?

It’s simple, really. Every time you deal with us in any way, whether it’s asking questions, utilizing your back office tools, getting paid or receiving your distributor kit in the mail - that’s the Consultant Experience. We want it to be as smooth, enjoyable and all-around positive as possible.

Generous Compensation Plan

One of the big ways we're creating a better Consultant Experience is by crafting a better Compensation Plan. Earn 25% commission plus up to 10% in Double Dip Commission Bonuses on your personal sales. As you build your downline team, you’ll be eligible to earn commissions up to six generations down. Hit our executive levels, and you’ll also earn Team Bonuses.

Here are a few more ways we are creating a better Consultant Experience:

Consultant Sign-Up Options

Dipsy Dip currently provides three sign-up options: